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since 1945

Located in the suburbs of Melun, south of Paris, France, the STIL company started business in 1945.

Initially specialising in medical thermometers, this SME quickly established itself as a thermometer specialist in France and Europe, right up until the early 2000s.

STIL is still THE French specialist in measuring instruments in the broadest sense of the word: temperature, wind, pressure, precipitation, humidity…

In this way, STIL intends to meet the expectations of its different markets.

As a manufacturer of measuring instruments for 75 years, STIL brings global expertise with quality and innovative products by relying on its know-how, its production tools and its sourcing capacity in Asia.

Control &

STIL recommends a factory calibration sheet be used for its instruments, in line with benchmarks certified by the LNE (French National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing).

On your request, STIL can carry out testing of the desired temperature points.

Standard &

As a specialist in measuring instruments, we need to have thorough knowledge of the standards that apply to our production and imports: CE, Rohs, Reach, Food contact (…).

In order to keep abreast of the continuous developments for the regulatory context in the fields of activity in which we intervene (medical, childcare, cold chain, catering…), STIL relies on a network of independent laboratories which provide us with their assistance in France or abroad.

After-sales service

Do you have an operational problem with one of our products? We will be happy to help you.

Upon receipt of your request, we will ask you to carry out any necessary checks. If there is no improvement, we will send you an after-sales service form to send back to us, together with proof of purchase so that your product can be taken care of by our services.


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